All bulls in this sale have passed a breeding soundness evaluation by Dr. Shelie Laflin, KSU Medical Teaching Hospital. If a bull becomes a non-breeder within 12 months of his purchase, Irvine Ranch will either provide you with a suitable replacement, if one is available, or provide you with a credit equal to the bull's purchase price less his salvage value. This guarantee does not apply to bulls that die, are killed, or are injured through no fault of Irvine Ranch. It is recommended that if you use your bull for the first time in the spring of 2013, he should be re-evaluated for breeding soundness prior to breeding time.

Irvine Ranch offers this guarantee in addition to the American Simmental Association suggested Sale Terms and Conditions. The ASA suggested Sale Terms and Conditions will be available for your review on sale day, and can be found at:

In our effort to provide both quality breeding genetics and customer service, we ask that you let us know if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason.


Irvine Ranch is retaining a ½ semen interest in all bulls selling in this offering. The purchaser of the bull will have possession of the bull and all salvage value rights. In the event of any semen sales from the bull, then Irvine Ranch is retaining ½ interest in the gross revenue from all semen sales. Irvine Ranch retains the semen interest if the bull is sold to subsequent purchasers. Irvine Ranch also reserves the right to collect semen from the bull at the buyer's convenience and our expense. This retained semen interest extends to any clone of the bull.

If you have any questions about the retained semen interest, please contact us prior to the sale.

Irvine Ranch offers the following services to create added value
for our customers...

• We are your link to American Simmental Association programs designed to enhance profits for producers using Simmental based genetics:

SIMCHOICE • Age and Source Verification • [ View PDF ]
Contact John Irvine for information on SimChoice tags at reduced fees on IR sired calves.

70/70 CARCASS GRID • [ Click Here ]

SIMLIST • Commercial Listings • [ Click Here ]

Contact John Irvine to place your feeder calves or commercial females on SIMLIST.

• Through our association with Mid-America Feeders in Great Bend, Kansas we can help place your IR sired calves on feed
and to collect valuable feedlot and carcass data in the process.

• Irvine Ranch can assist in designing crossbreeding systems to capture the value of heterosis and find management efficiencies.

IR Herd Health
Focusing on our customer's bottom line does not stop with genetics. With the guidance of Kansas State University and Dr. Lee Penner, Irvine Ranch has a comprehensive herd health program in place. Management practices are followed to aid in prevention of BVD-PI, BLV (Leukosis), Trichomoniasis, Johne's, and Brucellosis. Irvine Ranch is dedicated to being a source of "clean" cattle.

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